Friday, January 29, 2010

Hit the Ground Running

In my January report to the Board of Trustees I stated that we “hit the ground running in 2010.” Indeed, we’ve reached the end of the month in record time and, it seems, at warp speed! Before we know it, we’ll be preparing for year-end!

It’s scary how fast time passes, but like the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun,” we are having tons of fun at HPL. (I know this because balloons are hanging from the ceiling!)

Our Calendar of Events is chock full of great activities for all ages. Our children’s programs are in full swing, but there’s always room for more. Yarn It All (our version of the proverbial “stitch and b***h”) welcomes all who are interested in fibre arts to come and share their talents – or develop them. If you don’t know how to do it, we’ll teach you! (Or find someone who will!) Community Conversations is an interesting and fun way to learn about local and global issues that affect us all right here in good ol’ Houston. Book Club challenges readers to go beyond the norm and discover new authors and genres. NID Matinees provide youngsters a theatre-like experience - except the popcorn is free and the seats are big, comfy pillows on the floor.

See – tons of fun!

Our Calendar of Events is posted on our web site: . The February calendar will appear any time now - just as soon as the web site fairies arrive to upload the file for me or the time fairies add a couple hours to my day!

One event that I would like to draw particular attention to is the Norman Leach Lecture Tour, which will be stopping at HPL on Friday, February 12, 2010 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Norman Leach is a renowned Canadian historian and award-winning author of the book Broken Arrow: America’s First Lost Nuclear Weapon, which tells the tale of the US B36 bomber that crashed in the Kispiox carrying a nuclear warhead.

When the wreck was discovered years later, more questions than answers emerged? What actually happened? How did the plane end up in Northern BC? What happened to the weapon it was carrying? Intrigued? Then please join us in the Canfor Room when we welcome Mr. Leach – who just may have some of the answers!