Friday, September 7, 2012

Adopt a Puppet!

Have you ever been to a puppet show?  They are the silliest things.  Like living cartoons (so to speak), they capture the imagination of young and old.  They’re cute and they’re funny, even when the script isn’t!

HPL is in the process of collecting new puppets and buying a new puppet theatre.  Thanks to a generous donation from Ipsos Reid, the puppet theatre is on order.  But we need help with the puppets. 

And here’s where you come in!

You can adopt one for us! 

These are just some of the puppets you
can choose from to adopt for HPL!
We’ve chosen a variety of puppets that we think would be great in our collection.  Animals and people of all kinds are available for you to adopt.  Simply choose a puppet that you like, donate the amount of the cost of the puppet (we accept cheques!) and, in return, you will receive a certificate of adoption with the picture of the puppet you pick and a charitable receipt for the full amount you donate.  It’s win-win for you and the library!

Once we have enough puppets, we will begin planning and rehearsing puppet shows for the public.  We will also be starting a new program for youth on Puppetry.  Over a ten-week period, kids will create scripts and backdrops, practice with the puppets and then perform the shows they write for a live audience here at the library.

We are very excited about this new program and we hope that lots of kids will want to learn the magic of sharing stories through puppetry.

So, please help us to make this a reality.  If you don’t see a puppet that you would like to adopt, suggest one and we’ll try to find it for you.  We’re open to new ideas and we’d love to be able to expand the collection so we can create great stories and shows for you to enjoy.