Friday, April 9, 2010

Digital Storytelling

This is the digital age! Digital media is everywhere: Computers, cell phones, cameras, ipods, and TV are all digital. Even books can be found in digital formats. Yes, digitization is everywhere and part of nearly everything.

So it was hardly surprising that a Digital Storytelling Workshop was offered at the local college. Also not surprising, I had to take a couple of holiday days and attend it.

I had visions of creating some masterpiece of digital art. What I did create is the following short video:

Understand that this is a pretty rough first draft. I probably shouldn't even be sharing it just yeat, but I was so excited about what I learned, I just couln't help myself. The last two slides have some missing text. This, I assure you, was not my fault. There was some glitch with the software and it happened to several of the workshop participants. But that's okay. It was a fun beginner project and I'm amazed at how well lit turned out with less than two days to work on it.

With a little more practice and lots more patience, I plan on reworking this piece. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed it - even in it's highly amateur state!